Thursday, May 20, 2004

#34 Attempting the Impossible

Trains weren't
when they built a
railway between Bradford
& London. Leonardo
was designing airports
before he thought
about flight. The
model arrived
only after
had painted her.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

#33 Cloning Magritte

only hope
I have of

some of
that European culture

so admire
is to exhume

& remove
some epithelial cells

grow them
up in an

broth in
a petri dish

much the
same manner that

did with
Giorgio de Chirico.

#32 Magritte's Deathday

She has
just discovered
that Magritte
died on the

very same day
she was put in-
to jail. What a
price to pay. If

she'd had
a get out of
jail free card
she could have

been going to
René's 106th
birthday party
later on this year.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

#31 Elective Affinities + The Key to Dreams (1927)

Put two or
more things side
by side or one
within another. For
the first it is
the space between
that makes the
magic, the juxtaposition
of things known
to create the unknown. &
yes, Isador Ducasse, I
hear you laughing
in the background. It is
a collision that marks
the start of a new
journey. The in-position
is continuity, an egg
for a bird, or confusion
when something is
given an entirely different
name to that we
usually ascribe to it. Is the
briefcase labelled sky
to be our travelling
companion or the cover
under which we
set out on what
began a journey
& is now a vestibule?

Sunday, May 02, 2004

#30 Carte Blanche

"Visible things
can be in-
visible," said Magritte
about this painting. "If
somebody is
riding a horse through the
woods, at first you see
them & then you
don't. But you know
they're there. I
make use of painting
to render thoughts
visible." Then he
galloped off
leaving the rider
hiding the trees &
the trees hiding her.