Tuesday, September 28, 2004

#47 The Song of Love

Perhaps a
piscine Rodin
this mer-
couple made
from the same basalt
as the shore. They
could be
singing. Is this
the song
of love? (& again
the ship the sea
is sailing on.)

A scene
that does not
seem to sing of
anything except
the Byzantine archi-
texture of
de Chirico's
mind. A stage-set
for a theater
of the absurd.
Pinned on a wall
a glove, a blank-
eyed bust. Green ball
in front, rooftop
in behind. & yet
this is the
siren song of
love that
fifty years before
made Yves Tanguy
jump from
a moving tram

that made
say he saw
thought made visible
for the first
time. Making the
but not
impossible. Pictures
within pictures.
Songs within
songs. Of
love. & other

Monday, September 20, 2004

#46 The Companions of Fear

Yes, I know my
shift finished
four hours ago
at midnight. & no,
I didn't get the
instructions wrong.
I've been doing
what you asked,
the properties
of the chitinous
of this group of
owls. Have done it
how you asked
me to. Started by
taking a small piece
of the carapace
and examining it
under the electron
microscope. You
were right. I found
fractals instead of
feathers. But I
didn't expect the
contradictions. That
the sample would
be warm & the re-
action of the birds
so cold. I thought
they would be
angry. It was
their silence that
frightened me.

Friday, September 17, 2004

#45 The Therapist (revisited)

for Nick Piombino

I know that
asking you to lie down
on the couch while I
sit across from you
is a bit old-fashioned
but humor me, it comes
from doing my studies
in Vienna. The bag
beside me contains a
peregrine falcon whose
purpose will become clear
later on. The wall behind?
A piece of trompe l'oeil
I asked this Belgian painter
to do for me. The sea is
so soothing. It's where
we all came from, it's
where we all desire
to return. Why? Think
amniotic fluid, think your
mother's lullabies. & the
birds inside the cage? At
first they're something
for your mind to focus on
while I explore the skies
they used to fly in. As we
progress, I gradually get
you to transfer to them
all the concerns that keep
you planted in the earth.
When that is done we set
them free. The final act
is to release the falcon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

#44 The Domain of Arnheim (1)

How can
a giant bird


small eggs?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

#43 Memory (1945) (1)

introspection of
a severed head.

Monday, September 06, 2004

#42 The Age of Enlightenment

I took it to be
the effect of altitude
on particles of
light. Their
reaction to it.
The young were
not so sure. Spoke
of signs,
of revelations. Un-
able or unwilling
to accept
that even when
the air is thin
the aspects of a face
can have a
separate gravity.
The balloon
I offered up as
proof that hot air
rises. They understood
that. Enlightenment
is of an age. Is
not an Age of.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

#41 The Therapist II (1962)

Adding the image
is a form of
cheating. It is
a way of letting
Magritte do
most of the
work. You give a
small misleading
glimpse, a kind of
precis without
the precision
of the original. Pre-
tend to read his
mind, inaccurately
fitting the painting
to your description
of it. Still the shill
from sideshow alley
though now you
work the avenue
in front of the
Gallery, promising
that inside will be
found creatures who
are half man, half
beast. & once the
money is collected
don't care that
small birds give
the game away.