Saturday, February 29, 2020

#418 The Invisible Mirror

The white caps of the waves
are replicated by the shreds
of clouds floating above the
water. The lower clouds are
solid like the continents
above. Angles of reflection
& refraction insinuate the
painter is lying on his back
to complete the composition;
but if that were so there is no
sign of him. At least, not vis-
ible. He has obviously moved.
This is a record of his journey.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

#417 L'esprit comique

Unable to see out, & sick
of being adorned with
flowers or vines or those
ugly plaques made from
clay that have the faces of
Roman gods embossed
upon them, the trellis has
decided to escape. Donned

disguise & cut it to shape.
Certainly ends up making
it a figure of fun; but it's
fine to breathe through, &
light enough to stride easily
over miles of countryside.