Tuesday, March 04, 2008

#144 An End To Contemplation

paradoxical sleep
a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs
in which the person is aware that he or
she is dreaming while the dream is in progress
lucid dreams

short rib ravioli ($16) arrives on a puddle of "natural broth"
meteorite hits Peruvian village
only a fence separates Point Roberts from a bustling, strip-malled suburb & a
short commute to a hip, urban downtown

a luminous object that produced a loud sound
shaped like a cell that is about to divide
pure utopianism
filmic dissonance
essentially tests of the null hypothesis

a Foucault test uses interference patterns produced by a knife edge
to determine the deviation of a mirror from its ideal shape
Foucault the first to show how a pendulum can track Earth's rotation
mechanisms acting during human sleep

the calligram immediately decomposes & disappears
leaving as a trace only its own absence (the other Foucault)
virtual apotheosis
the sign and intensity of the acting
may be a difficult goal to realise
solutions beyond machine learning may be necessary

sisters & their lovers in verdant present-day Hanoi
a traditional city with an increasingly hip, urbane edge
the comparative effect of factual & ideological propaganda
Stalinist aesthetics suspended
at half the focal distance

cells divide
the world did not come to an end
we may be too attached to protecting our image