Saturday, September 28, 2013

#247 The Month of the Grape Harvest (2)

starts off with redundancy
& a table of mnemonic
devices. Anything can be
connected to anything else—
that's an underlying principle
of hermetic semiosis. Any-
thing can be connected; so,
the month finishes with
an occluded view as the
window is hermetically
sealed by an active blockade
of passive lookalikes who
render the shutters redundant.

Monday, September 23, 2013

# 246 The Mask of Lightning

Tootooch lived on the
flesh of whales. Mixing
it with cinnamon helped
add the golden tones.

Rod stares down the
Cyclops Queen—will
drinking turmeric in
milk twice a day or

channeling his inner
Lady Gaga help him
most? Gulls fill the skies
from one yellow horizon

to the other. Any pop
star diva would be
jealous. Find all the lines
from this movie which

exist as temporary
royalty in the realm of
the senses. Tomatoes have
lots of anti-oxidants. A

Red Flag warning has
been issued in southwest
Oregon. This is my ball.
My rubber ball. I've had

it for two years. It has
a chemical absorbent to
provide relief & came
to me through a vending

machine at PriceRite,
on NE 2nd Avenue. The
only thing this picture
is missing is an evil face.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

#245 Le Cinéma Bleu

The balloon sinks, the
bilboquet floats. Fantômas
is alive & well & working

in a KFC somewhere
near the cinema precinct
south of the Coliseum.

Moonlights as a tourguide.
Day lights up the night.
Nothing is ever what it was.