Wednesday, May 29, 2019

#401 The Quandary of Painting

You have blank walls. I have
four baby turtles with painted
backs that arrived at Dulles
International Airport earlier
this month. So, let's start with
room use. As in: "What do you want
to use the space for?" &: "What
do you want it to say about you?"

Saturday, May 11, 2019

#400 La victoire

The topiary of doorways
renders them ambiguous.

A surfeit of entrances. Few
ways out. Enter, & risk

entrapment. Otherwise?
Follow the line. It may end

in sunlight or continue on
until night captures it. There is

a difference between mazes
& labyrinths. A pattern

to one, the other full of
doors that are not closed

until you try to open them.
A passage is the space

between two doors. The space
is hope. The doors despair.