Monday, May 30, 2005

#91 The Delights of landscape

Even if the
store-room is full
the hunter still
goes out to kill
more animals, to
cut down trees &
so remove all
groundcover. Some
thing to trade with.
Or. Fresh meat for
dinner or for the
dogs; perhaps
the head hung
in the trophy room.
The wood is set
aside, seasoned
for furniture, or used
to fuel the fire
in winter. He has
made a frame from
the best timber. The
final trophy. To be
hung in celebration
the day the hunter
comes home with
his catch-bag full,
the landscape empty.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

#90 A found homophone

I go into Google
looking for a link
for #89. Type in
the title. Only
text references. I
re-enter, this time
in French, La Colère
des Dieux
. The re-
sponse: Did you mean
la couleur des deux?
I misread deux as yeux.
No, I reply, I already
know what color
the eyes are. Octavio
Paz once gave me
a blue bouquet.


#89 The Anger of the gods

Most of the day they
paced themselves,
taking it in turns
to ride, to drive, to
sit behind. But as they
neared the top of
Mt. Olympus, the gods
grew angry at such
equality & pushed the car
a little faster. Nothing
seemed to change inside.
On the roof the rider
struggled to survive.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

#88 The Hereafter

There is no inscription
on the tomb. Except
for the tomb there is
no inscription on the
landscape. What
will be written after
is already written here.


Saturday, May 14, 2005

#87 Elective Affinities

A civil
celebrant, Magritte,
a union-
maker, who brings
disparate things
together &
creates an arc
that leaps the
gap between
them. On
one hand.
On the other.
exist, affinities
not always ob-
vious. & yet so
obvious. Such
as that which he has
elected to display
here. But sparks
still fly. So might
the egg if
from the cage.


#86 Hegel's Holiday

A glass to
keep the water
in, an umbrella
to keep it out.
Joined together.
Thesis / antithesis /
synthesis. Hegel
went off on
a holiday. All the
work done for him.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

#85 The Married Priest

Over & over. Re-
peating the images.
Replaying them, the
same, a different
game. Con text,
context. Trompe
The outside in-
side. Men in
bowler hats, al-
one, all one, in
pairs, in conversation.
Horses' bells, birds.
Euphoniums on fire
or else deprived of
air. Georgette. That
which Ernst called
phallustrades, the
bilboquets. Leaves
that are the size of
trees. Lost jockeys.
Eggs. Fantomas. Un-
altered words with
altered meanings.
Clouds, & apples.
(Though sometimes,
fearful of being re-
cognized, the apples
might wear a mask.)


#84 The Tomb of the Wrestlers

In what
was the

is a

that has re-

is a

& placed

a sleeper-

this rude


Friday, May 06, 2005

#83 Deep Waters

for Alfred Hitchcock & Tippi Hedren & Alex Gildzen
Unlike most
of Magritte's birds
is neither egg nor
simulacrum. With
blood. Wondering
which way to turn.
Le sang froid will
take the woman's
coat from off her
back. Or. Le sang
will whisper
in her ear &
wake her from her
statuary. Or even le
sang trés chaud
Will influence a
Hitchcock movie.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

#82 La Lampe Philosophique

Ceci n'est pas
une pipe, c'est
un récipient
pour les narines.