Thursday, November 21, 2019

#411 The Music Lesson

Too late for a taxi, so the
teacher calls in a bell to
take her pupil to her home
out in the countryside.

They've done this before, is
well-rehearsed & dressed
for. The student needs only
to assume a slightly higher

register to become an ear, in
part a kind of signifier, but
also allowing her to hear which
way to go & give directions to

where the best seats are. The
bell keeps time. The ear be-
comes a part of it. The sinking
sun promotes the score, enabling

a different color to be heard.
Now the invisible is rendered
visible. This lesson is complete.
What will she learn next week?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

#410 The Lovers II (2)

The temperature drops rapidly.
Wind increases the supply of

oxygen. It was the cornice that
I noticed first, crossing wall &

ceiling at a point possibly re-
lated to the golden mean. Only

later did I realize their heads
were swaddled in white cloth.