Friday, May 17, 2013

#243 Act of Violence

The sky is oblong.
The clouds are not.
Looks more like a
tremendous explosion
or a patent leather
cosmetic makeup
case. Believe what you
see not what you are
told to believe. Graupel
is not the same as
hail or ice pellets.
A bell rolls towards
an apartment block.
Never take the elevator
when there is no bell
to push. Too many
minority students are
getting suspended. In
a Native American
sweat lodge a rapper
dies. Clenching her
eyes shut to hold back
the tears, Kazuko
rolls onto her side.
The hole in her
stomach seems
larger than
the usual navel.
She is unaware of
any missing cargo
but her breathing rate
may vary widely. Man-
kind has fought battles
on the sea for more
than 3,000 years. The
rings are banana-
shaped—a metal
bar can put a lot of
pressure on her
skin. Is she the
only person on
earth to have one
eye become larger
than the other
post childbirth?