Monday, June 30, 2008

#175 Memory (1945) (2)

All I
can re-
call is a

a near-
full glass
of water
& an

apple had
on it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

#174 Les Pas perdus

Maybe aerobic exercise
is just as effective as
medication in treating
stress; but the idea of
punishing the material
form by sweating it out
in the gym is not my
idea of fun, doesn't even
move me to a basic level
of arousal. I'd rather go
to a traditional Chinese
medicine establishment
where they give full-
body massage or take
a trip to the discothèque
where there are no
wasted steps, where the
cognitive components
of dancing counterpoint
the theme of survival &
may in some way relate
to everyday functioning.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

#173 L’Homme au journal

“I’ll fill in those
other panels
after I’ve been
to the Club &

seen if there’s
anything in
today’s paper
that inspires me.”

#172 The Invisible World

Sound travels
across the silence. Some-
where sea but this
is train noise. Or.
Trucks on the road
a mile or two
away. Cannot be
seen or. Cannot
be heard. In-
audible. Or.
Invisible. There are
other worlds
out there hanging
in the air, come
down to earth.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

#171 The Scars of Memory

Every time there’s
even the slightest
scent of censure in
the wind, winter
emigrates. Reincarnates
itself as a wandering
Mariachi carrying only
an icy cold pitcher of
vermillion in its guitar
case. In stark contrast
the rest of us go
stereotypically retro
& relive the 1920s,
not sure how we got
there or why we’ve
ended up channeling
Shakespeare in some
hell-drenched backporch
reliquary of the mind.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

#170 The Interpretation of Dreams

When larvae are reared
on acacia, almost all
larvae live to be-
come adults. Egg
size does not affect
larval survivorship.
The “greatest toy
since the Game-
boy” is either
perfectly designed
for ankle breaking
or useless because
players find they
still can't jump
over tall buildings.
We are sorry but
due to licensing
restrictions by
the game publisher
we can no longer
offer this game.
The wheels on the
bus may go round
& round, but the wheel
from a bike is just
fine for holding
three framed screens
playing, on a continuous
loop, time-lapse images
of ceilings burning.
2.5 g potassium nitrate
2.5 g ammonium chloride
33 mL distilled water
40 mL ethanol
10 g camphor
My seahorses group together at the base
of their tank holding on to the wire
frames we give them to sleep on. Explanations
sometimes include effects of electricity
or quantum tunneling across the glass.
Only by appreciating the terrain, enemy, & friendly forces can the commander identify & choose those times & locations at which favorable conditions can be achieved. Fundamental combat skills remain essential for battlefield success. Our Doctrine is Basically Sound.