Saturday, May 28, 2016

#310 The Key to Dreams (1935)

The horse ≠ the door,
the clock ≠ the wind,
the jug ≠ the bird. But—
unless, of course,
something is lost in
translation—the valise =
the valise. So, open it
up, put in, in any order,

horse, door, clock, wind,
jug, & bird so that, out of
sight, they won't bother you
any more, & close. Open
the other valise & put
the first in that. Shut tight.

Friday, May 06, 2016

#309 A Friend of Order

The urge to analyze Magritte
has proved hard to resist.
Praising creative work is im-
portant: people need to feel
as if their work matters. A seg-
ment of the literature drawn
from the point of contact.

Most mornings I listen to the
BBC on my way to work, hear
how Pretty Boy Floyd has finally
been captured in one of the
vaults of the Chapelle Notre Dame
de Lourdes. Even as a young
girl, she had an urge to run.