Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#277 Transatlantic Passenger

The horse has lost his bell
& balls. Not even half-assed,

just a tail. Has found a
muscular man whose nose

adopts a fencer’s stance.
Cumberbund captured.

Wrapped. Bound. Might be
a fit. Tight, but enjoyable.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

#276 La Belle Captive (1948)

                         She paused to let
                    a brass band
                            pass—these days 
                  the beach was full 
             of them. Not from
                      any new-found universal
                            desire for music; rather 
               a re-discovered           need for
               uniforms. Not winning is
                         never easy—especially 
                       when you also haven't
          lost. But the games
                    are never over until
               the games begin. So 
                           redefine the space
          between with passing-
                         out parades & 
          swimwear & get the
               answers ready 
                            for the questions that 
          are sure                to come.