Saturday, May 01, 2010

#211 The Light-Breaker

History is. Typhoon.
The Bay of Bengal.

Ship washed up. Large.
Left there. Broken down

by locals. Scrap, metal,
parts to use. Such

plenitude never seen
before. New industry.

Now stretches for many
kilometers along the

beaches of Bangladesh.
Pollution prevails. Most

things done by hand or
not much more advanced.

Small men or children
in narrow passageways.

What air there is is
full of toxins. Is death.

Is dangerous. Is life.
Is nothing else to do.

The countryside destroyed.


Breaking lights is different.

Is still to do with ships.
Broken down. Small parts

of them. Collected. Port-
holes. Filled with sky

or sometimes emptiness.
Is clean. Is dirty. Distance.