Tuesday, January 15, 2019

#393 Le Retour de l'Explorateur

Something once seen only on
the National Geographic Channel,
now everywhere — Instagram,
Snapchat, or any other app available

from the Apple Store as well as
every cable channel on the planet.
The glorious return of the explorer,
home from the hills, the snow, the

plains, the jungle — everything's
in reach these days of sportswear
sponsorship. Though. Not always
glorious. This time, comes back, no

head, clothes torn from the back, a
speaking tube used not for voice
but for ex- or inhalation. Powder
all around. Let's say the jungle.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

#392 Le temps jadis

It is idle to lament inevitable progress from "the olden, golden days."

Modern techniques are a bit more complicated than those of old, when a flannel band & goose grease played principal parts in child care, & summer dwellings were modestly equipped with no electricity or running water. Childhood is growing up; & adults involved must make a conscious effort to pay more attention to it than in days gone by. It is not without its challenges. Fatboy Knäpsäck is just like his old fashioned wooden stock magical knapsack.

The velocity of the water would decline a little during the mid-winter, so scholars long ago took everything in & then digested it — the relaxing fluid texture of the herds returning from the high mountain pastures to provide the skin with a smooth & scented lather, the many agricultural & domestic tools, the Frisian water dogs once used to hunt otters.

The shed of the wine presses is full of activity. Several churches, chapels, & monasteries bear testimony to the past — the 14th century Le Temps Jadis building, the 11th century Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame, the Chateau de Bizy. In the old days this district was home to the Knights Templar. Here the river still follows its natural course through an old agricultural landscape where the occasional castle is a reminder of the past.

Luckily, the Sweden of yesteryear, where axes were not known & ivory & stone were used instead, is extremely well preserved. This unique & historic ambience makes you feel cast back into Mozart's time.

Friday, December 14, 2018

#391 Perpetual Motion (2)

Ever since J. G. Ballard
rewrote Jarry, replacing
the death of Christ with
that of JFK in the uphill
bicycle race, nothing is
constant in the circus. Used

to be the place that every-
one got away to. Now it's
where everyone wants to
get away from. Led by the
strong man, still balanced
& leaden-faced, but has

a bone to pick with each
& everyone. Evidence all
around, reflected in a
mirror in the moorlands.
The circus has moved on.
Is elsewhere. Empty cages.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

#390 The Poetic World II

Sometimes we can
make an eye-stalk

rhyme with curtains.
But when we do, any

subsequent act, like
seeking out an object

that rhymes with little
pointy pyramids, results

only in the sky cracking.
Nothing rhymes with that.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

#389 Territory

Individual human beings are very
sparse on our 12 acre property
in the foothills of Western North
Carolina. It's why Magritte has
set up here, noting that: Même si
les objets avaient reçu des noms

différents, ils trouveraient toujours
un lieu de repos ici.
An idealized
approach, much like the view
in the rear-view mirror of my
car, where the further away
you get, the clearer things become.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

#388 A la rencontre du plaisir

Is already awake; but is a
reflection of the Rubaiyat in
which a man in a bowler hat
stands staring into the bowl
of night. Has parted the
curtain, discovered a small

area of day on the nighttime
stage. Made smaller by the
presence of the moon.
The moon stares at the man.
Is it because of the bowler
hat? Or bewilderment at the

daytime dress of someone out
at night? The man, meanwhile,
takes note of the blue behind.
Stares at the moon. Ponders.
It's dressed for night. What
is it doing out during the day?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

#387 The Banquet

               All honour’s mimic, all wealth alchemy.
               John Donne: The Sun Rising

New pigments populate the palette.
All shades are considered vegan-
friendly, easy to incorporate into
your diet. Even bees are considered
sacred. Not so coffee grown in the
sun. Has been taken out from under

shadow, the natural canopy cut down
to make that so. The driver wealth,
to produce much higher yields, more
money for the grower. No hint of
alchemy, especially that part of it
concerned with prolonging life. No

natural forest so fewer insects &
migratory birds. No falling leaves
to provide compost as they rot so
more fertilizer. More water needed
to produce. Trees used to rise behind
the setting sun. No longer. No honor.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

#386 Les Jeunes Amours

Not all European artwork focuses
on Friday night shopping or offers
economic incentives for improving
the supply chain. Certainly it has
been known to promote products
from famous parfumiers, or use
monocled vamps who smoke a
particular brand of cigarettes. Things

not for the young, who are often
gripped by poverty. Though, as
Aristotle said, have learnt the use of
trinkets as metonomy. Throw colored
balls up into an air where they shouldn't
exist. Then bring them down as apples.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

#385 The Message to the Earth

This is the evidence. It is
presented in a frame so
there is distance between
the audience & the objects
they are observing. The
sponge was probably white.
Now thrown to earth / its
blood vessels broken / stain
has taken over. & petrified.
Is front of stage, before
the curtain, behind which
wires can be seen. Would
be wrong to think they
were there for telegraphy —
come from, go to, nowhere.
Part of a disquieting display
which leaves dimensions
disturbed, connections am-
biguous. The tableau is the
message, is whatever one
makes of it. But underneath
it says: We are here already.
You just need to learn the
language to understand that.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

#384 The Denizens of the River

The exteriors are thought-
fully designed, the branding
concepts unique. Much use
of plays on words. Artillery
shells gathered from the
river, clothes that floated by
in an illumination of flood-
lights, the occasional limb

artificially placed or worn
as necklace. Gloved fingers
rehearse the future journey
on a globe of trackless water.
Then the plunge, & kick to
the groyne across the river.

Monday, September 03, 2018

#383 The Gun

An object
is not so

to its
that another

one more

be found
to take
its place.

le terminus
œil de triton

la girafe
le tronc d'arbre

ce cavalier

la liste
le canon.