Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#312 La Grande Marée

Bells &


& sky

& tides

Winter snows, the
sleighbells. Broken ice
in the river. Parallax
measurements. How
people navigated &
predicted the weather
by watching meteors.

A small card with
the cloud template is
saturated with a deep
affection. I already
have the silver wing
in heartgold. It will
soon stop raining
in the mountains.

Clouds & small bells
falling from the sky. A-
mazing sea born water-
falls that appear as the
tides recede. Rocks left
outside the frame.

Computational power has
led us to revisit the
canonical tidal model.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

#311 Georgette at the Piano

Just as my brushes on
a canvas make music,
so, too, more precisely,
does Georgette at her

chosen instrument. Desire
is put aside. Outside of
this room, yes; but here
the keyboard & her hands

are sharp areas of paint,
of color. Contiguous; &
only Arnold Schoenberg
could make music out of

the separate elements. But
here is where I hope to have
the magic to bring it all to-
gether, to put music into.