Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Three poems from Series Magritte at Youtube

via The Continental Review

Read by Miia Toivio & with graphics by Marko Niemi

Thursday, October 01, 2020

#449 L'Atlantide

The concealing shroud has
shifted from the bedside 
of a sleeping Georgette & 
now resembles a bunch of 
damp towels as it rests on 
the tiles beside a bath that 
has no taps, no obvious out-
let pipes. Rotate the painting, 
& stairs appear. & though the 
chapel at the top of them is set
into solid rock, it means only 
that an exit is behind you. A-
void the abyss which is al-
ways here- or thereabouts. &
beware the imminent arrival 
of a cascade of water falling
from the upturned bath.