Friday, November 27, 2020

#452 Le Grand Air

A drunk man's words are often the disturbing thoughts of a sober one.

The dialectical law of negation of the negation calls us to re-visit the historical context within which the Western myth of human rights is conceived.

Agendas enter the local context. Hollywood celebrities enter into prenuptial agreements. The ideal version of democracy is a fluid entity which we constantly construct, deconstruct, reconstruct.

A touch of the modern & it would not be at all acceptable.

Who is going to cook dinner tonight, wash plates, change the baby's nappies?

Sunday, November 22, 2020

#451 Representation II

The orchestra under the cypress
tree kicks into life. A few bars;
& then the scene we're watching
on the small screen is replicated
on a larger canvas that still permits
the original viewing platform to
be included in the corner, picture-
within-picture style, framed by 

the only thing that might be a 
goal were it not for the pawn on
top. Or maybe it was the other 
way around & downsizing has
occurred. No spectators to see
the "world game" shrunk to three 
a-side. The ch√Ęteau now a simple
manor house. A lone pianola.

Monday, November 09, 2020

#450 Le Sang du Monde

I have always found imaginary landscapes more real than the real. The paintings of Magritte & de Chirico, the novels of LeGuin & Delany & Ballard — I am comfortable in these even though I may occasionally find them disturbing. Perhaps it's because I live my life vicariously, or perhaps it's because I have never found, though I've lived in quite a few of them, a city that felt like home.