Thursday, June 21, 2012

#234 The Adulation of Space (2)

He felt happy & pain-free only
on stage, immersed in his music.
String Theory & the Geometry of
Hydroponic Strawberries
. Listen
to, download, play & stream the

song. The elders only smile sadly.
I've bought eight t-shirts from
this guy. Californian worshippers
chose blindfolds. There is scepticism
in the mainstream media. Luxury

limousines drove up the stairs.
I have his posters on my wall. Will
he be able to go back to the boy
band life? Don’t forget to watch A
Thousand Kisses
, Episode 37. In the

blank space alongside the photograph,
an anonymous letter-writer had
scribbled a shocking & hate-filled
message. Does it bother you that
tennis doesn't get that kind of adulation?