Saturday, July 18, 2015

#293 Le Pont d'Heraclite

Everything flows, no-
thing abides, eyesight
is a lying sense, wrote
Heraclitus long before
he'd seen the Magritte.

So, is this a painting of
an optical llusion, or an
example of the chemical
process known as sublim-
ation? A pipedream that

the bridge is incomplete,
or a solid transformed to
the vapor state without
ever passing through the
liquid? Doesn't seem to

worry Heraclitus either
way. Couples are things
whole & not whole, what
is drawn together & what is
drawn asunder, he posits.

Then, more in keeping with
the theme, he notes that
much water has passed
under the bridge & just hap-
pened to rub half of it away.

Monday, July 06, 2015

#292 The Conqueror

Trees rise, dunes
fall. Nothing takes
the fancy of the

man in the tux &
fancy shirt. He's
board, is bored,

doesn't know the
first thing about
how to conquer it.