Saturday, March 11, 2017

#347 La Part du Feu

In no particular
order, the clues are
a carrot, an egg, &
a glass of some un-
known liquid, vin
or vinegar, it's not
clear. In no particular
order, raindrops keep
falling from the ceil-

ing, a candle halos
but provides no light —
though an external
light source casts a
compressed shadow
of the housekeeper on
to the carpet. In no part-
icular order, Hercule
Poirot, as played by

David Suchet —who
isn't — is dead, the
housekeeper main-
tains not a vigil but
a pretense of life
within the room, hard
to tell if the egg is
hard-boiled, easy to
see the detective isn't.