Thursday, April 30, 2020

#424 The Prince of Objects

Static or dynamic — the ontology
of most games depends upon

a division between the objects
in play. If one is lucky, the dynamic

can occasionally be seen through
gaps in the static, not that we always

recognize what we see. The dance
is different in every decade. So, too,

the music. Once there was tea for
two. All died when u went away.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

#423 The Female Thief

is a conundrum that is sometimes found in jars of honey.

finds that creativity, rather than spirituality, is more efficacious at keeping loneliness away.

recently completed the translation into Farsi of many exemplar sentences that all contain the words "recently completed. "

has been given the green light to explore & develop gas on 164 sq km of land with high potential.

has accumulated five annual depreciation charges, reducing the book value of her lock-picking tools.

is beholden to the glass ceiling for damping down any public opinion that a female could be a highly competent criminal.

used the Rugby World Cup to break down barriers to the gospel in sports-mad Japan in a way that has left local pastors amazed.

continues to break down barriers by showing how ethical clothing can hold its own on high-end catwalks.

relaxes by playing along on drums to tracks by Charles Mingus or Thelonius Monk or any other dead jazz musician who can't complain when she occasionally loses the beat.

sometimes wishes she were male, like Fantômas, so that — despite her reservations about exposure — she could be well-known enough for René Magritte to want to paint her.