Tuesday, September 25, 2018

#385 The Message to the Earth

This is the evidence. It is
presented in a frame so
there is distance between
the audience & the objects
they are observing. The
sponge was probably white.
Now thrown to earth / its
blood vessels broken / stain
has taken over. & petrified.
Is front of stage, before
the curtain, behind which
wires can be seen. Would
be wrong to think they
were there for telegraphy —
come from, go to, nowhere.
Part of a disquieting display
which leaves dimensions
disturbed, connections am-
biguous. The tableau is the
message, is whatever one
makes of it. But underneath
it says: We are here already.
You just need to learn the
language to understand that.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

#384 The Denizens of the River

The exteriors are thought-
fully designed, the branding
concepts unique. Much use
of plays on words. Artillery
shells gathered from the
river, clothes that floated by
in an illumination of flood-
lights, the occasional limb

artificially placed or worn
as necklace. Gloved fingers
rehearse the future journey
on a globe of trackless water.
Then the plunge, & kick to
the groyne across the river.

Monday, September 03, 2018

#383 The Gun

An object
is not so

to its
that another

one more

be found
to take
its place.

le terminus
œil de triton

la girafe
le tronc d'arbre

ce cavalier

la liste
le canon.