Friday, December 14, 2018

#391 Perpetual Motion (2)

Ever since J. G. Ballard
rewrote Jarry, replacing
the death of Christ with
that of JFK in the uphill
bicycle race, nothing is
constant in the circus. Used

to be the place that every-
one got away to. Now it's
where everyone wants to
get away from. Led by the
strong man, still balanced
& leaden-faced, but has

a bone to pick with each
& everyone. Evidence all
around, reflected in a
mirror in the moorlands.
The circus has moved on.
Is elsewhere. Empty cages.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

#390 The Poetic World II

Sometimes we can
make an eye-stalk

rhyme with curtains.
But when we do, any

subsequent act, like
seeking out an object

that rhymes with little
pointy pyramids, results

only in the sky cracking.
Nothing rhymes with that.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

#389 Territory

Individual human beings are very
sparse on our 12 acre property
in the foothills of Western North
Carolina. It's why Magritte has
set up here, noting that: Même si
les objets avaient reçu des noms

différents, ils trouveraient toujours
un lieu de repos ici.
An idealized
approach, much like the view
in the rear-view mirror of my
car, where the further away
you get, the clearer things become.