Saturday, November 26, 2016

#335 A Taste of The Invisible (1927)

In this world of billions, we are
told that the entire global
economy essentially boils down
to just two idealized people, a
buyer & a seller. True theology

is not about the mistaken road
or a cold evening in cardboard
boxes. Think fresh pear, allocate
taste descriptors—sweet, bitter,
ripe, crunchy, peppery—but

any of those terms can equally
be applied to many other unseen
things. Macro or micro, there is a
commonality—once out of sensory
range, all things become invisible.

Monday, November 21, 2016

#334 L'okapi

If he truly loves the woman
he must wear anneaux ronds
torsadés en laiton oxidé
in a
section of town that still shows

fleeting moments of animal
behavior. It's a weathered,
crumbling place, made all
the more magnificent by

trackless centuries filled
with polished pop & striking
synths, & the towering masses
of the Virunga volcanoes.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

#333 The Beneficial Promise

Psychological research confirms the
headline that the trillions of beneficial
bacteria already in our intestines will
strengthen privacy protections for
the digital age. Not all such antipoverty
efforts hit their mark; but down-home
adages such as "real maple syrup
shows promise in protecting brain
health," when combined with the
original concepts of kindergartens,
reflect a truth in human development.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

#332 Landscape

This was the year the
samba arrived in La
Côte d'Azur
. Fashionably

late, as befits a traveler
with either a load of
baggage & a room to go

to, or else with just a
parasol & a promised
place beneath the palms.

Monday, November 07, 2016

#331 A Poster Project for the Affiliated Unions of Belgian Textile Workers

Myra was tempted into the milieu of the
sub-prime mortgage. World capitalism
went into meltdown. Crisis resolution
has since become extremely complex.

Grim door Of war

The Flowering Dogwood is some-
times treated as a separate genus.
Shuttles are often made of wood
from the Flowering Dogwood.
Climb a bell tower to get up close.
For it was the war-time work

The filling yarn is carried through the
shed of warp yarns to the other side
of the loom by finger-like carriers called
rapiers. A rapier loom is a shuttleless
weaving loom, bending the political system
at the center of the world economy.

Of the women Of the Brussels Lace Committee

Mule spinners' cancer is caused by the
prolonged action of mineral oils on
the skin of the scrotum. Shale oil was
deemed to be the most carcinogenic.

That opened the way to me.

From 1911 to 1938, there were 500
deaths amongst cotton mule spinners
but only three amongst wool mule
spinners. How could sub-prime
mortgages going sour turn into an
aging population of skilled women?


A stationary package of yarn is used to
supply the weft yarns in the rapier machine.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

#330 Le Sourire du Diable

Oedipus might feel intimi-
dated. A giant keyhole,
a tiny key. But that's
what happens when you
run home to Mother, no
matter whether she's
the legendary subject
of a da Vinci portrait

or the restoration of an
earlier restoration of a
heavy prog band out of
Germany, known for the
completely self-referential
songs of the female lead.

[…not only to read the text & to look at the pictures but to fill the gap between the two with meaning — that is, to produce a plausible fiction that will relate them — then the key is to the keyhole as the text is to the pictures.]

Alain Robbe-Grillet:
La Belle Captive