Sunday, April 12, 2015

#286 Pandora's Box

The rose waits beside the
man. Or. Maybe moves
beside him if the man is
walking across the bridge.
Twilight. The man is
wrong. The street lamps

are on. Or. Perhaps the city
is on fire & the lamps are
off. The rose is white. The
man is wrong. No matter
which brother. If Prometheus—
brought fire. Now waits to

see how his gift is taken. The
lamps are off. The man is
wrong. If the other brother—
Pandora's husband. Her
beauty given to him. A jar.
The lid ajar. The gift is

mothbite, fresh horror re-
leased, by a woman's hand.
But a second visit. The man
releases hope. & man-made
myth. Apple fallen far from
its original tree. History re-

written as his story. The man
is wrong. Is patriarchal, is
parody. Is intended to
disguise there was no evil
given by the original creator.
Gaia, the Giver of All Gifts.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

#285 Presence of Mind

Neither fish nor

fowl, am some-

where in between

Friday, March 20, 2015

#284 À La Rencontre Du Plaisir

Griot is troubadour, 
   West African, live 
    archive of traditions, 
      much like the 
        medieval minstrel. 

Grelot is bell—jingle-, 
  sleigh-. Usually 
    small, unlike the one
      depicted here. Is
        a mystery why 

the bowler-hatted 
  man is focused on 
    it since it has no 
      mystery. The man's 
        shadow stands be-

hind the curtain, 
  looks in a different 
    direction, absorbs
      the atmosphere. He
        will sing about it. 


Monday, March 09, 2015

#283 The Uncertainty Principle

"An object (a human figure
or something else) is presented
against a background on which
its shadow falls, with the amend-
ment that the shadow is that of
some quite different object. Example: a naked woman
projecting another in the form
of a bird onto a curtain."

The title is totally abstract.
The painting presents a
disturbing aspect of actuality.
The uncertainty principle
means that the position &
momentum of either subject
or reflection cannot be
simultaneously measured
with precision.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#282 Early Morning

The door was open.

Everbody was lined up waiting for the door to open.

We had arrived early that Sunday morning, with 
                         friends from Wisconsin, so as to be
                         among the first people to enter after 
                         the door was open.

The icing on the early-morning cake was little Georgette 
                         relaying to her mother that she enjoyed 
                         drinking a Starbucks with me as we
                         waited to be let in once the door was opened.

Access was available only through the Modern Wing 

The door was closed. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

#281 Celestial Muscles (2)

The most superficial, most
Yáng system, mimics

Kim Kardashian's facial
expression & stylish top-

knot, & comes from the
merger of ordinary bonnet

needles & Alexei Nemov's
fit gymnast body as he steps

out for the Prince's Trust
Awards in a stunning LBD.

Monday, January 19, 2015

#280 Elementary cosmogony

It's the same
principle as
picking the wine
to go with your
meal, except in
reverse. That first
leaf you consider
often determines
what sort of day
it's going to

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

#279 Personal Values

The painting shows
an example of how technology helps citizens
what happens when the teacher mixes two colorless liquids
a prototype or a final version of the product
the ruins of a shipyard in the port of Carthage
a figure slightly hidden so that not everything is given away
the components of rapid installation
the yellow flowers of a sweet broom bush
a tongue removed from a cow with wooden tongue
the famous model of ancient Rome
two packs of insulation
a honey bee larva placed on a labeled glass slide
that timing is everything
victims of the Titanic stacked in body bags
an example of an optic nerve
Swedish glamor model Natacha Peyre posing with a fan
a mystery light in the distance
a cartload of seaweed
Earth as a small dot from a vantage point millions of miles away
the start of the dance with Death
only one moment & a cropped one at that.

Friday, December 19, 2014

#278 The Famous Man (2)

He is floating upside
down; but still man-
ages to write about

air pollution monitoring
& source emissions
sampling. Is full of

concern for the dog
whom the maid is so
roughly ordered to

take care of. It is during
this time that any space-
craft traveling to Mars

must be launched.
Lessons do exist for us
from the Paleolithic.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#277 Transatlantic Passenger

The horse has lost his bell
& balls. Not even half-assed,

just a tail. Has found a
muscular man whose nose

adopts a fencer’s stance.
Cumberbund captured.

Wrapped. Bound. Might be
a fit. Tight, but enjoyable.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

#276 La Belle Captive

                         She paused to let
                    a brass band
                            pass—these days 
                  the beach was full 
             of them. Not from
                      any new-found universal
                            desire for music; rather 
               a re-discovered           need for
               uniforms. Not winning is
                         never easy—especially 
                       when you also haven't
          lost. But the games
                    are never over until
               the games begin. So 
                           redefine the space
          between with passing-
                         out parades & 
          swimwear & get the
               answers ready 
                            for the questions that 
          are sure                to come.