Saturday, March 20, 2004

#9 The Bather Between Light & Darkness

The outside
inside. Light as
window/painting. Out
of context
would be a simpering
watercolour. Descending
strata of sky, sea, sand
arranged in a
possible logarithmic spiral.
Fibonacci sequenced. The
golden mean
in a golden frame.

Is bather only by reference to an earlier painting. She is nude. Is nowhere near the sea though she lies stretched out on a carpet which could be sand. Her face is angular, her head propped up by an arm bent to echo the shape of the dark ball in front of her. Eyes closed but she is not asleep. No-one can sleep in that position. Maybe she is imagining the sea, that she is one with it. Venus without the halfshell. Curve of the breast, curve of the belly, curve of the line from hip to knee - all follow the curvature of the imploded star. Her legs aligned with the lines of light. So, too, the line where the carpet meets the wall. She is in between light & darkness. Possesses elements of both. Is possessed by neither.

Night as a black ball. Is
dark matter. In a posed-
card of the thirties
would be
held in front of breasts &
cunt in beachball modesty.
Only one breast is hidden here.

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