Sunday, May 08, 2005

#85 The Married Priest

Over & over. Re-
peating the images.
Replaying them, the
same, a different
game. Con text,
context. Trompe
The outside in-
side. Men in
bowler hats, al-
one, all one, in
pairs, in conversation.
Horses' bells, birds.
Euphoniums on fire
or else deprived of
air. Georgette. That
which Ernst called
phallustrades, the
bilboquets. Leaves
that are the size of
trees. Lost jockeys.
Eggs. Fantomas. Un-
altered words with
altered meanings.
Clouds, & apples.
(Though sometimes,
fearful of being re-
cognized, the apples
might wear a mask.)


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