Saturday, June 28, 2008

#174 Les Pas perdus

Maybe aerobic exercise
is just as effective as
medication in treating
stress; but the idea of
punishing the material
form by sweating it out
in the gym is not my
idea of fun, doesn't even
move me to a basic level
of arousal. I'd rather go
to a traditional Chinese
medicine establishment
where they give full-
body massage or take
a trip to the discothèque
where there are no
wasted steps, where the
cognitive components
of dancing counterpoint
the theme of survival &
may in some way relate
to everyday functioning.

1 comment:

spear3edin said...

The gym doesn't do it for me, either. My girlfriends and I like to do yoga in the morning, and we often take a stroll in the woods or in the botanical gardens in the evening.

This Magritte painting is one of my favourites. I happened to visit it just this afternoon, it is in the permanent collection of the Akron Art Museum in Akron, Ohio, USA. The museum acquired it in 1966 but has not displayed it often, until they completed a recent and rather spectacular expansion.