Sunday, December 04, 2011

#230 Megalomania

No-one questions the
usefulness of having
a power generator
around the house. A-

pocalypse obsession
goes back a long way,
& any highly-descriptive
formalism with reasoning

features is convenient for
developing an ontology
of practical steps to re-
store humanity. It becomes

what the world offers it.
Little bits of coloured glass.
Or. Walking the sweltering
streets of Manhattan naked.

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Gwil W said...

I recently went along to the Renee Magritte exhibition currently showing at Vienna's Albertina. A soft shoed guardian of the artworks swiftly crept my way and ordered me to desist from taking photos despite the fact that I was not using flash and I was only taking a photo of the official Magritte writeup at the entrance to the exhibition and that there was no official exhibition catalogue on sale anywhere and that yes I had intend to photograph some paintings in the absence of an official catalogue such as one would normally expect to find at a major exhibition and I had in fact shelled out a good few euros to get in and so on and so forth . . . so this Series Magritte blog is a great lifeline. I salute you Mark Young.