Thursday, September 15, 2016

#320 Le Beau Tenebreux

Fantômas is back in town.

His penchant for masquerade is
informed by a close reading of
sermons using hermeneutic methods.

He asks for a room at the
back, not the front of the hotel.

His conception of history & geology
comes from mass-produced fictional
texts that are in transmedia circulation.

He decides to change his clothes.

He told a newspaper. "I've no ex-
perience working with multi-colored
bulbs. My favorite was Harrison Ford
on the plane. I love Harrison Ford."

He stood up for an America
staying quiet but largely
fueled by basic research
into cell biology & renewed
interest in lipid research.

He hides within his hat.

1 comment:

Gwil W said...

sun blinds on shops
are eight feet high
and that is the law
of the land
passed in respect
of the lords
and the toffs
who go by in cylinder hats