Monday, October 03, 2016

#323 La Fin du Monde

                                  He followed the travel 
                 guide carefully, replacing the
                                     listed sites of interest with
                        the actual objects when he
                                          found them. Houses that 
              had a history, a row of shops, 
                           fountains, parks, the plaza 
                              with its famous wall of shame. 
                   Once he had the scene he could 
                                  fill it with inhabitants, just as
            the book did when it decorated 
                               cathedral ceilings or described
                     the inside of a hall. Otherwise
                                   fa├žades, or acts of stagecraft.
                         Walls that flickered into being
                 as he approached & hid what-
                                         ever lay behind. He saw the
                               railway station & walked to-
                        wards it. Climbed up the steps
                                      to find it was the concourse 
                   where the world came to an end. 

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